Looking for Angel Investor Help?

I’m betting your tech product or service could use not just a savvy cash
injection, but access to a connected professional’s time, resources, and network.

My name’s Matt Shields and I’m investing $25,000 in startups who’ve built a prototype of ideally a software-hardware combo that involves manufacturing.

10 Startups with Potential Will Receive

Startup Funding

Financial backing from accomplished industry professionals

Supply Optimization

Supply chain software solutions and improved efficiency

Pitch Presentation

Hosted by Virtus Ventures, pitch to a select crowd of investors and treps

Specialist Support

Get insights and recommendations from tech-niche specialists


Expose your brand to networks of experienced innovators & designers


Why Manufacturing?

Our network’s been involved in tech manufacturing for a decade+, from startups to Fortune 500s, and we’ve optimized incredible supply chain software solutions over time.

We’re searching for fits where our software – Suppleyed – can help streamline your enterprise resource planning process.

“I’m investing in startups with software-hardware combo products/services that involve manufacturing.”


Don’t start blowing up my inbox if you fit that bill. It’s not so simple.
It starts with a questionnaire I’ll link below and goes from there, but for now here’s a couple other little prereqs:
  • 2+ Founders: with solopreneurs, things can stall if they get sick, need a break, etc.
  • Market Presence: your product or service needs to already exist and have some.
  • $$$ Generation: I’d like to see 6 months of money generation in either direction.
If you’re still with me, you’re probably thinking,

Good Question. The answer has two parts:
  1. I’ve reached a point in my career where I can offer connections and invest this way.
  2. The love of being around people with big ideas and bigger plans… motivated to make something better, who could sit around talking business all day.

Honestly, angel investing is a way to attract changemakers into my life; to rub elbows with wicked-smart folks…

…and just maybe, change the world!

To be a small (but critical) part of huge positive impacts, you know?

It’s what led me to founding Virtus Ventures, and becoming a founding member of platforms like No Small Ideas in Cleveland and BootstrapDojo in Manila.



Personally, my biggest weakness as an investor is being swayed by passionate visionaries with blockbuster ideas. Remove the shiny veneer and there’s no sweat equity (or little to none of their own bread on the table).

If you’ve dumped your heart and soul into software or hardware production, and need seed funding help, consider submitting to our startup hunt.

If you’re in the market generating money in either direction, but aren’t quite ready for Angel or VC-level funding, this could be a viable option to explore.

If you’ve got a great MVP, but don’t quite have the skills to expand and grow, there’s a big opportunity for you to bring the party along with $$$.


Don’t worry, no one’s going to Shark Tank you. We love business pitches and investigating startups, products, new Experience Design (XD) services and disruptive innovations.

Is This Opportunity a Good Match for You? Fill Out the Questionnaire and Find Out. Good Luck!