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Transform Your Company – The Easy Way

Your business is unique. Adapting your processes with ready-made software can be a major pain.

There is a better way to bring your people, processes, and data together with a Digital Transformation Strategy guaranteed to deliver custom solutions that work.

Define Your Journey

Create a digital transformation story that best describes your current situation, processes and challenges.

Sprocketize Your Process

Our Sprocketization Framework allows our experts to help you transform digitally, build custom software, and move your business forward – simpler and faster.

Build Your Software

We will collaborate with you, or your chosen developers, in creating your custom solution in as little as 60 days. Become a digital enterprise with our unique roadmap.

Harness the Power of Sprockets in Creating a Digital Transformation Plan for Any Business

Don’t miss the big picture just because you’re busy focusing on the small details. Sprocketize the way you work and create a Money-Making, Innovative Business Software – even if you’re the least tech-savvy person in the room.

You May Just Launch the ‘Next Big Thing’…


How Does Pricing Work?

Our pricing starts at $40 per hour.

Do You Offer Refunds?

Yes, ONLY if you are not happy with our work. We will refund your last weeks’ invoice, No questions asked.

What Technology Do You Work With?

Our technology stack: We build anything from services, websites, apps and use Javascript, MEAN, Docker, Digital Ocean, AWS and more.

Hardware is designed in Altium.

What If We Don’t Like Your Work?

We will void your invoice, no questions asked (this rarely happens, we guarantee!)

How Often Am I Invoiced?

We invoice weekly after you have seen the week’s demo.

Will You Sign An NDA?

Absolutely! We understand you want to protect your projects and ideas.

Who Owns The Work You Have Done?

You do, unless we have agreed on a different set of terms. All of the code and systems we design are 100% under your ownership.

How Will Your Team Engage With Me?

We first have an introduction call where we introduce our team you you. If you require project management services, they will be your main point of contact. If not you can communicate directly with the developer who is working on your project.

Here is what to expect:

1. Weekly Demo. At the end of each week, we will meet with you to go over the progreass made that week. If you’re not happy with the demo, we wave the invoice fee.

2. The engineers will be present during the demo so you can speak directly to them. If you are working with a project manager, they too will also be on the call with you. Easy peazy!

3. Part time or full time, we will work with you for any number of hours you need.

4. Any technology, any stack – we work on web platforms, mobile apps, hardware design and hardware production.

5. Updates eveyday. We will update you daily on either Slack or Skype to keep you informed of the progress made that day.

6. Our team is yours, hire anyone on our team, from expert software developers or hardware engineers, to UI/UX designers, even factory production managers.

7. Transparency in our work. Every moment is captured and screen-captured so that you can be assured that you’re only paying for productivity.

8. Beautiful systems. We will make your systems, apps, and hardware beautiful and easy to use… Guaranteed.

How Do I Pay?

If you are located in the United States, you can deposit funds directly into our US bank account. If you are located outside of the US, you may still wire money directly into the account. We suggest using TransferWise.

Can I See Some Of Your Past Work?

We do share some of what we have done in the past Please refer to ‘Our Work’ portfolio . We value the relationships with our clients and as you can imagine, when you deal with technology, certain information or projects need to stay proprietary between us and our clients. We will offer you the same peace of mind.

How Do I Know The Number Of Hours Your Staff Has Worked?

We use Hubstaff to track each hour worked, you will be able to see screen shots taken during your project so that you can see the progress as it happens.

What Makes You Different?

Simply, We Deliver. Working with us means getting:

  • Competitive Rates: Without sacrifing quality on your digital transformation project
  • Proven Methods: 100% AGILE
  • Experts: Experienced & Vetted
  • Collaboration: Complete project visibility
  • Customer Satisfaction: Our No. 1 Priority

“I Finished All My Tasks In 2 Hours
Without Even Doing Anything!”

Tom Doolie
Founder Of DooliePro

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